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Our Products Range

Circulating & Hydraulic Oils

Lawas Automotive Lubricants
A)Lawas GP Lube -32/46/68/100/150/220/320/460: are made from selected high quality, high viscosity Index base stocks & suitable additives. The characteristics and wide range of available viscosities of Law as GP Lube make this product cost-effective general-purpose oil. It's recommended for circulating systems gear boxes, hydraulic system, etc.
B)Lawas Hydroline -
15/22/32/46/57/68/81/100/121/150/176/220/257/320/460: a repremium quality anti-wear type of hydraulic oils. The range contains anti-corrosion, anti- oxidation, anti-wear, anti-foam additives specially selected to maintain good air- release properties. This oil are recommended for use in general hydraulic equipment, enclosed gear boxes, vacuum pumps, circulating oiling system & system having vane pump where mild EP properties are required.
C) Lawas Hydroline HLP - 32/46/68/100: Premium hydraulic oils outstanding lubrication characteristic and anti-wear properties, excellentthermal and oxidation stability. These grades specially formulated with highly base oils & carefully selected additives to give outstanding performance. Recommended for hydraulic system having vane type pumps where HIGH LOADED PRESSURE properties are required.
D) Lawas Hydroline HVI - 32/46/68/100: is a special purpose hydraulic oil of anti- wear type having very high viscosity index and very low pour point incorporated with special VI improvers, anti-oxidant, anti-wear, anti-rust additives. It is recommended for low operating temperature conditions and it can be safely used for the excavators working under heavy loads is super premium quality hydraulic and lubricating oil having a very high viscosity index and low pour point. This oil is blended with high quality base stocks and fortified with special anti-wear additive, oxidation inhibitors and anti-rust additives. The product is suitable for modern hydraulic systems used in excavators where very low operating temperatures are encountered and application demands very high viscosity index oil. It is recommended for modern hydraulic systems used in excavators, where above conditions prevail. It can be safely used in earthmoving equipment.

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